We want encourage you to help organize ICE-ERO demonstrations around the country to keep our communities inform and to continue forming defense committees everywhere. by forming those committees, we are learning with our people to defend and take legal actions against those inhuman ERO tactics. We are letting our affected community to decide where is he best and safe place for them to take those Defensa Del Barrio Training, Why? Because they are the ones going true a horrible nightmare. Whenever we invite our people to attend a training, they usually don’t show up, because they are afraid of what can happen to them if ICE-ERO show up at those training’s. That’s why VIVA is organizing training right at their Homes, Apartment’s, or any place where they feel safe. you are right! we are going places, but we are very happy to know that our people are getting the necessary tools to prepare in case of a raid.

Sign up now and help organize a ICE-ERO demonstration, Remember, we encourage you to please organize a peaceful demonstration.



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