VIVA Inclusive Migrant Network is a non-profit organization founded in memory of Moises by Francisco Aguirre with the help of Augustana Lutheran Church and Allies after  Enforcement and Removal Operation (ERO) agents tried to detain him without a legal warrant for his arrest. While fighting for his freedom, his son Moises became scared and decided to go back to El Salvador where he was murdered.  ERO has brought fear to our communities  and put our people in danger with thier current processes.  After his son’s death, Francisco decided to transform all the pain that this tragedy brought him to a labor of  love and he put all his energy into a project that can help our community. This is when VIVA was created, with the purpose  to support our communities and to unite our people working toward freedom always through non-violent methods and promoting peace.


The love that God has shown me is an unbreakable love. Since God gave me a reason to be, I learned to fight for the truth and freedom of our people, with love, respect, and equality, My struggle is the struggle of the people who suffer like many migrants and refugees. I will continue to transform my pain into a love for equality and social justice. In honor of Moises, my son I will continue to fight for justice to be restored in this country, and until the immigration authorities stop putting our kids in cages, parents in federal prison, and putting our communities in danger. Until they stop criminalizing our migrants and asylum seekers, I will continue to fight.


Moises was murdered in El Salvador after the ICE-ERO and DHS tried to put Francisco Aguirre in federal prison for more than 20 years. Moises got scared and decide to go back to El Salvador. He was playing Soccer when two men called him by his last name, and when he answered they shot him to death. The ERO Enforcement and Removal Program is not helpful to anyone in this country. It only brings hate and insecurities to our communities. It creates generational trauma. Many minors are getting killed after ERO detention and deportation. For many youth, like Moises and for his father, Francisco, returning to their country is a death sentence. ICE-ERO must disappear from our communities.

Francisco Aguirre can end up in a coffin if he gets deported back to El Salvador. Follow Francisco’s case and help with his asylum process. #UnidosConFrancisco

I want the rest of the days of my life to be dedicated to the freedom of our people, regardless of skin color or nationality. Freedom from violence and fear is for everyone. We must share it, we must unite together, without grudges, and forgive misunderstandings among each other, accepting our mistakes and giving the opportunity to amend those mistakes without retaliations. I want to invite everyone to join the fight with VIVA. With your help, we can achieve the freedom of the people.

We are committed to standing up to defend migrant and refugee rights in memory of all kids, mothers, and fathers who lost their lives in the desert, at the border fleeing their home country, and trying to find a safe place to live.