ICE-ERO (Enforcement and Removal Operations) program is not welcome in our Sanctuary Cities!

We must stand up in favor of those vulnerable families and their kids who are now paying the consequences of the inhuman immigration system in US. Within the immigrant community there is constant fear of being hunted down by ERO (Enforcement and Removal Operations), a division of the better known agency ICE (Immigrations and Custom Enforcement).

ERO often breaks the law and lies in order to abduct undocumented people living peaceful lives. In Oregon, ERO violates constitutional and human rights by ignoring the laws that govern us as a state. They illegally enter private property and residences without any authorization as they did with Carlos Volaños in October 8th 2017. ERO enters courthouses and detains community members without giving them the right to testify in court. Many undocumented women do not report domestic violence or any other problem to the authorities because they are afraid of ERO. These women many times they have children’s who will be forever scared by the trauma of continued domestic violence in their homes.

It’s time to stop the ERO from harming our communities. We need to hold them accountable and make sure our people are safe. a US Citizen children’s are being putting in adoption and their parents in federal prison. where parents lose custody of their children’s and most of the time they never get their kids back. The ERO Program are bringing insecure, Promoting a hateful agenda and incarcerating our people for profit.

My name is Francisco Aguirre, Executive Director of VIVA Inclusive Migrant Network, I am also a victim of the abuses of the ERO program, where my son lost his life as a result of the violent and unconstitutional actions of Immigration, better known as ERO Enforcement and Removal Operation.

I want to invite you to please join this effort by beaming sponsorship of the campaign. Why your sponsorship is very important to our community ? with your sponsorship we can make sure we get the support we need to have safe communities in a more welcoming space, We will be able to print every educational material need it to make sure our campaign is visible to everyone in our communities, and learn about the hateful agenda of the ERO. Let’s work together on holding ERO Agents accountable and making sure they do their job in comply with our law.

We aspire to help build a diverse community where migrants and refugees are welcome with full rights and responsibilities in a society of mutual respect, peace, harmony and justice. We want to continually work to bring people together to work toward social justice, to advocate for marginalized populations, to strive to break the cycle of oppression of migrant communities and those with less opportunities.
VIVA Inclusive Migrant Network are practitioner of the non-violence. Our movement for social justice is based on non-violent confrontation and peaceful resistance, are legitimate and effective way for achieving social change and justice. More than a tactic, we embrace peace and non-violence as a way of life.

What is the ICE-ERO has to go campaign about?

We are all about holding the ERO enforcement and removal operation accountable.

1. We want to make sure that those Immigration agents label their building and their vehicles.

2. Wear uniform all the time.
3. Stop using police insignias.
4. We are launching a leadership training where community members can graduate as a Human right promoter and be ready to start implementing the Defensa del Barrio trainings to our migrant communities.

5. We are providing Defensa del Barrio trainings (Know your rights with new and more effective way to protect our Barrios from the ERO illegal actions.

With these trainings we not only going to be doing trainings to protect the rights of migrants, We will be uniting our different communities by forming Defensa del barrio committee’s that can help understand each other in their neighborhoods. We want to make sure that our communities in Oregon talk with each other and be ready to protect their barrios from hate and discrimination, but we want every Oregonian understand who the ERO is, and how they are harming our communities. Join VIVA Inclusive Migrant Network in the fight to more safer communities. Juntos Podemos lograrlo. Are you ready?

Are you ready to take the lead with me.?

Join the Campaign, Become one of our sponsors. Have a question? Call or email me!! (503) 752-4882

We are currently looking for volunteer organizers to help with this campaign. if you or your organization want to join us, please email us for more information on how you ca help.